Flexible Team Plan

We customize our pricing plan to fit your requirements

Get unlimited access to hundreds of business and technology courses!

Our eLearning solution will expand your entire workforce’s creativity, engagement, and development.

With world-class business training, you’ll supercharge your employee growth and success.

Empower Every Team, Everywhere to Create Their Most Engaged Workforce

Interactive Courses

We assist businesses in achieving growth together

Accounting & Finance

Human Resources

Sales And Marketing

Administrative Skills

IT & Software

Workplace Essentials

Career Development

Personal Development

Key features:

  • Customers have unlimited access to more than 400 hundred courses and 4,000-plus training modules. 
  • Access to our LMS platform and training courses from any computer, tablet, or smartphone device 24/7.
  • We offer bite-sized lessons to help learners retain information faster.
  • Customers can customize quizzes and reference guides to meet their specific requirements.
  • A certificate of achievement for every course completed showcasing employees’ accomplishments.
  • Flexible, self-paced learning that fits employees’ schedules and lifestyles.
  • Goal tracking with daily streaks and learning time so employees can see their progress.
ATS eLearning
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