Mastering Outlook 365 – Advanced (2023)


Objectives. You will be able to:

  • Distinguish between POP, IMAP, and Exchange accounts
  • Create, manage, and share data files
  • Add and remove commands from the Quick Access Toolbar and create a new tab with groups and commands
  • Customize emails by setting conditional formatting rules and using stationery and themes
  • Insert tables, calendars, and images into messages
  • Utilize Quick Parts, AutoText, and drawing features
  • Leverage voting buttons and polls through email
  • Create, edit, and delete Quick Steps, rules, and alerts
  • Manage your inbox using sort, filter, and junk mail options
  • Streamline scheduling by sharing calendars, delegating permissions, and creating calendar groups
  • Create contact groups and recurring meetings
ATS eLearning
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