Brain Bites – Secrets of Chats and Conversations in Teams


Discover valuable tips and tricks to facilitate communication in Teams

Are you ready to increase the effectiveness of your communication using chats and conversations in Teams? Our experts will show you all the basics and many of the advanced features available, plus share with you their top 10 secret tips that many people aren’t aware of.

Teams is fast becoming one of the most popular communication tools in business today, and knowing how to efficiently use the features available sets you apart. You’ll learn how to manage both one-on-one and group chats, and all the tools that are built into them. If you no longer want to see chats, you’ll learn how to hide, mute, delete, or just turn off notifications. You’ll also learn the unique features available in channel conversations, and how to include apps in your conversations. Searching for something? Learn multiple ways to search through chats and conversations to find what you’re looking for.

Whether you are new to Teams or looking to increase your skills, you’ll be an expert at chats and conversations once you learn all of our secret tips and tricks!

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