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Workplace Safety – Active Shooter

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Active Shooter events are rare, but can happen anytime & anywhere.  Having a plan, and practicing the plan, is critical to saving lives if the unthinkable happens.  This course provides the basic tools needed using our Safe – Secure – Survive strategy.  

It’s unfortunate that this course is needed, but just like fire drills and evacuation plans, an active shooter plan is important to help save lives in case of this unlikely but very possible event.

Taught by experienced SWAT officer Ben Cothran, this course aligns to the Active Shooter guidelines from FEMA and DHS, and includes links to additional resources from those agencies to help individuals and companies develop their Active Shooter / Emergency Action Plan.

Filmed with dramatic re-enactments to emphasize key points of the training, this course covers the following topic areas:

  • Understanding the Risk
  • How Our Bodies React
  • The Three Options: Safe, Secure, Survive
  • Making Your Personal Plan
  • Making an Emergency Action Plan for your Organization
  • What to Expect from Law Enforcement
  • Concealed Weapon Permit Considerations

In addition, we’ll discuss the differences in planning for office, industrial, and healthcare locations, including onsite demonstrations at typical workplace environments. 

These seven modules use a combination of dramatic re-enactments, on-location filming in real world environments, and Bigger Brains’ award-winning Teacher/Learner style to keep students engaged and help improve retention.

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