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Viva Insights Essentials

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  • Access and navigate Viva Insights in Outlook and Teams
  • Use insights to improve your work habits
  • Schedule focus time
  • Practice mindfulness using headspace and reflect
  • Examine productivity analytics for meetings and email
  • Review teamwork and collaboration habits
  • Explore and utilize the Inspiration library
  • Customize your settings

Microsoft Viva Insights provides personalized insights and actionable recommendations to help you build better work habits and stay connected with your colleagues. Learn how to use the features of this app to stay on top of commitments, structure your workday, and prioritize wellbeing.

In this course, Microsoft expert Tim Blake explains how Viva Insights works, how to navigate it, and how to access it in multiple ways. You’ll  learn how to use the Productivity feature in Insights to improve your work habits and get the most out of meetings. You’ll also learn how to manage time with your team, network, and improve communication habits.

Do you recognize that wellbeing contributes greatly to your productivity and success, but need help prioritizing it? In Viva Insights Essentials, you’ll learn how to create a focus plan, set Quiet time, and use Headspace to minimize stress and increase focus. In addition, Tim will show you how to use and benefit from reflection.

You will learn how to use analytics from Insights to evaluate if you are getting the most out of  your meetings and how to review your teamwork and collaboration habits so that you can build and strengthen your connections. 

Topics covered include:

  • Accessing and navigating Viva Insights In Outlook and Teams
  • Examining information provided in Viva Insights
  • Prioritizing and booking focus time
  • Examining and using Insights in Wellbeing, Productivity, and Teamwork
  • Practicing mindfulness with Headspace and Reflect features
  • Viewing productivity analytics for meetings and email
  • Reviewing teamwork and collaboration habits
  • Using the Inspiration library
  • Customizing your settings to make Viva Insights work for you

Enjoy over 40 minutes of high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging”TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style!

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