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Mastering Visio Basics

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  • Describe the purpose of Visio and navigate the interface
  • Create drawings from scratch and from templates, then save them
  • Access the Help features
  • Work with drawing components including shapes, stencils, and connectors
  • Create callouts and groups
  • Create, modify, and synchronize basic organizational charts or use the wizard to link to Excel data

Visio is Microsoft’s answer to easily creating flowcharts and diagraming processes.

Learning Microsoft Visio is the best way to get you started visualizing your data and information. Visio can help you visually represent work processes, hierarchies, and workflows to make data easier to understand and follow. This makes Visio a great tool for project management, process analysis, and infrastructure documentation. This course gets you started by taking you through the various components that make up a flowchart or process map. It won’t be long before you are creating clean, visually appealing diagrams that are easy to follow and understand.

Topics covered include:

  • Components of flowcharts and process maps
  • Using graphics, images, stencils, and shapes
  • Finding help as you need it
  • Creating an organizational chart using multiple tools

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