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Mastering PowerPoint 2019 – Basics

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  • Demonstrate how to view and navigate a presentation
  • Describe how to group, arrange, and animate objects
  • Add and Modify Tables, Charts, Pictures, and Shapes
  • Apply transitions and animations

Making PowerPoint 2019 Easy & Effective

Using PowerPoint effectively is a crucial skill for any business professional.  Whether its designing a presentation for a meeting, creating a handout, or even creating and exporting a custom video, PowerPoint 2019 is a tool that everyone should feel comfortable using.  In this Bigger Brains course our PowerPoint guru Kelly Vandever walks you through the basics  of getting started with PowerPoint 2019.

How To Organize, Create, And Effectively Share Information You Need To Present

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most common tool used to do presentations in the workplace. This course teaches the most commonly used PowerPoint features and introduces some of the more advanced options.

Move beyond bullet points!  In this training course presentation expert Kelly Vandever and Maren Reaves will walk you through all the basic features (and then some) with Microsoft PowerPoint 2019. 

This course includes:

  • Working with Pictures and Picture Styles
  • Applying Transitions and Animation
  • Viewing and Navigating Your Presentation
  • Reviewing your Presentation for Accessibility, Spelling, and Grammar
  • Exporting and Delivering your Presentation

Over 4 hours of bite-sized lessons in Bigger Brains’ award-winning Teacher/Learner format!

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