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Excel for Project Management

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Manage a project from creating the Project Charter during the Initiation phase through task management and stakeholder communication to Closeout—all within Excel.

People use many tools for Project Management, but Excel has the power to cover your Project Management needs. Instead of learning new software, leverage the power of Excel to create the deliverables of a Project Management Plan, including the Project Charter, Requirements, Issues Log, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Risk Register, and Stakeholder Communication. When all the information about your project is compiled in one workbook, you can answer any question about your project.

In this course, Microsoft Certified Trainer and PMP Christina Tankersley walk you through creating each deliverable and customizing it to the needs of your project. Using multiple Excel worksheets, you will always know where to track a new piece of information. Did you identify a new requirement? Add it to your Requirements sheet. A new stakeholder? Add them to your Stakeholder Communication sheet. Without additional project management tools, you can track all the necessary information and use Excel features such as linked fields and conditional formatting to create a professional and effective Project Management Plan.

Topics covered include:

  • Linking fields for data consistency and efficiency
  • Using Excel tables for formatting and filtering
  • Creating a dropdown list for data consistency
  • Adding conditional formatting to highlight important information
  • Cross-referencing requirements to tasks
  • Using risk probability and impact to prioritize risk response
  • Using slicers to quickly create a communications plan based on stakeholder contact information and communication needs
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