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Excel for Mac Basics

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Get started with Microsoft Excel – a must-have for business users

This course is perfect if you have worked in Excel before but not on a Mac. If you have never used Excel before and are starting with the Mac version, this course is also the right choice. 

You can do almost anything with Excel – crunch numbers, create lists, store data, edit budgets, and more. In the Excel for Mac Basics course,we’ll show you how to get started and useExcel’s most popular features. Learn the anatomy of a spreadsheet and how to insert data and make your data appealing and easy to read.

Learn how to make, view, edit, and share spreadsheets easily. Get quick access to tools and commands and use the ribbon tabs to explore all Excel can do for you. Use a variety of formulas and functions and learn how to use them efficiently. Learn to switch between different view options and use the zoom slider to enlarge the page to match your preference. After you complete this course, Excel for Mac will become your go-to software for creating and managing spreadsheets. 

Whether you’re a first-time Excel user or want to re-learn the fundamentals, this course is for you! 

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