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Brain Bites - Working Across Cultures

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Learn solid, effective strategies that will help you communicate more effectively and avoid common faux pas and misunderstandings that can arise when people from varying cultures and geographical locations work together.

You’ll learn to identify specific cultural differences that can impact global work. These differences include communication styles, attitudes toward conflict, approaches to completing tasks, decision-making styles, and attitudes towards disclosure.

You’ll also learn ways to build bridges and strengthen bonds within your diverse team.  And, for conflicts that arise due to misunderstandings, you’ll learn steps to resolve them.

Topics covered include:

  • Listing cognitive, behavioral, and emotional barriers to communication
  • Describing how approaches to time can create communication barriers
  • Discussing how working across multiple time zones impacts communication
  • Identifying ways to accommodate time zone differences
  • Listing ways to promote team bonding and minimize burnout
  • Utilizing a calendar and notifications to identify holidays of coworkers
  • Providing accommodations for holiday celebrations
  • Creating team building activities that celebrate cultures
  • Recognizing and addressing key sources of cultural conflict
  • Explaining the communication benefits of investigating others’ cultural norms
  • Listing 6 steps to resolve conflict

This course is designed to help you navigate the challenges of working across cultures in the 21st century.

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