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Awkward at the Office – CA (Supervisor)

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We’ve all sat through a mind-numbingly boring sexual harassment course. The material is essential, yet it’s hard to make engaging. This course is different! 

First, it focuses not just on reducing harassment but on creating a positive work environment in which everyone feels safe and supported. Second, it follows the story of an office team facing harassment issues as they learn how their words can impact those around them and how to treat each other respectfully. Third, it includes interactive assessments that challenge students to think through scenarios and what constitutes appropriate workplace behavior. Fourth, it consists of a state-specific lesson on an employee’s rights and protections in California. Lastly, it includes a section specifically for supervisors that follows the story of another office team dealing with quid pro quo harassment at work.

First, in the Employee portion, in a series of vignettes mixed with instruction, students will meet Adeela, Jason, Lisa, and Michael as they deal with the major and minor effects of workplace harassment. Students will observe them demonstrate real-world responses to situations ranging from inappropriate comments to gender and racial differences. We’ll see how workplace harassment affects the people involved and the company’s productivity. 

Second, in the Supervisor portion, students meet another office team dealing with more severe harassment allegations, including quid pro quo sexual harassment claims. The management team must deal with the allegations and implement changes, including a new policy, training, and an investigation process.

Workplace harassment destroys trust, creates tension, saps productivity, and can lead to legal action. In between vignettes, our experts Jacki Flynn, Rebecca Heiss, and Jeremy Pickens will teach how to identify, resolve, and report workplace harassment. By the end of this course, students will be able to describe their rights and responsibilities related to workplace harassment and their duties as a supervisor and feel empowered to be part of a positive change in their organization.

The course includes 115 minutes of high-quality HD content, a handout, optional knowledge checks, and optional post-training knowledge boosters.

High-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging” TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style!

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